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Golden BST provides ready mixed concrete, as-per-request concrete mixing, laboratory facilities, quality certificates as well as complete set of fleets in the industry. The Company has extensive experience in multiple types of concrete casting projects. With abilities in R&D, high-rise buildings concrete casting, and infrastructure concrete casting, the Company has completed several landmark projects in the Phnom Penh City.

The Company’s vision is to be the leading concrete provider in the region, and its’ mission is to provide best concrete products and services through strong R&D capabilities and latest technologies. Highest Standard of Quality, Continuously Innovation, and Timely Delivery are the values that the Company committed to.


Products and Services


All types of concrete products


24/7 services, Fleet, and Lab Facility


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Golden BST Concrete always deliver the best quality in a timely manner.

BST Customer

One of a few that can do concrete casting for high rise building in Cambodia.

BST Customer

Always the best concrete providers.

BST Customer

បេតុង Golden BST តែងតែផ្តល់នូវគុណភាពល្អបំផុតទៅតាមពេលវេលាដែលបានកំណត់។

អតិថិជន BST

អ្នកជំនាញក្នុងវិស័យនេះ ផ្តល់តែផលិតផល និងសេវាកម្មដែលមានគុណភាពខ្ពស់ប៉ុណ្ណោះ។

អតិថិជន BST


អតិថិជន BST

Golden BST 专业的团队是我们外企的最佳伙伴。

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BST 客户


BST 客户